Why Conservative Christians Should Chill Out about the Government

There’s always something on facebook, many times written by conservative Christians, about how bad the government in the United States is getting.   People bash the President, the Congress, the Supreme Court, the IRS, the NSA, and on and on.  Sadly, many of their points seem legit – and if one’s primary concern in this life is, well, this life – then I guess it’s ok to sound the alarm.  However, as Christians, our primary concern is NOT this life or the things associated with it.  We are citizens of another Kingdom and are mere sojourners in this land.  That being the case, it makes sense that our joy and our hope should transcend the political difficulties that have been around, and will be around, for ages.  That said, if you are a Christian who is prone to pessimism regarding our government (as I sometimes am – I’m not trying to act like I’m completely holy on this point), here are a few points we should remind ourselves of:

1) All governments, except for one, are temporary.  They’ve come and gone since the beginning.  They each have their time and place, but to expect them to last forever isn’t realistic.  We should do all we can to support our government and make it better, but at the end of the day, we must leave its fate in the hands of God, realizing that its destiny has little to do with, eternally speaking, our own.

2) Joy is not found in things.  Happiness is not found in happenings.  If all has to be well politically for my soul to be well, my soul has serious problems.

3) Sometimes, we let politics divide us from other people.  It’s ok to have opinions – like I said earlier, we should do what we can to support our government.  However, if someone has a different opinion that you, you should still be able to maintain a friendship with that person.  If you think gay marriage is wrong, but someone else thinks it’s ok, and you separate yourself from that person because of a single issue you don’t agree on – that’s a problem.  The mark of being a person who lives in and by the Kingdom of God is his/her ability to love unconditionally – and to love those who we think are wrong about certain issues.

4) We’re called to pray for our leaders.  Even if we despise them.  And if we despise them, it’s probably fair to say we need to check our hearts.  Even if a certain leader (whoever comes to your mind) is a selfish, illegitimate, power hungry, lying con artist, that person was still created by God and has value because because he/she was made in God’s image.  As such, that politician deserves your respect – the Bible even says to honor all people!  You can disagree with someone, but still respect and love them.

5) If you are a Christian, you’re not called to gripe, complain, and moan constantly.  You are called to think on things that are good true, and praiseworthy – remember that verse?  You’ll never control government – but you can certainly control your attitude about it.  God is ultimately in charge – so if He chooses to let some knuckleheads be in charge for a while, and even do things that are unjust – He’s probably got a reason.  We should trust Him as the ultimate Governor, be glad He’s in charge, sleep well at night, and awake with smiles because we believe in Him.


3 thoughts on “Why Conservative Christians Should Chill Out about the Government

  1. Mine


    Good article. Tony Evans has a great message regarding this same perspective.

    Airborne for Jesus

    Sam Birky

  2. Ben

    Good stuff Jason, we are definitely headed to a post-Christian culture here in America which will demand new and authentic ways of engaging our generation for Christ. Rather than a “talking points” approach to evangelism, we’re going to need to be Spirit led like never before and willing to truly be invested in relationships. Thanks!

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