I Am Your Pastor: A Poem

“I Am Your Pastor”
by: Jason Epps

I am your pastor.
My job is not a job, my vocation not here.
I watch and pray, seek and struggle, prepare and provide.

I am your guide.
When you are lost, I’ll walk with you.
When you haven’t the direction you need, I’ll point the way,
And He will find you.

I am your protector.
I fight those that seek your blood, your soul, your all
I battle what you won’t face.

I am your scout.
I’ve seen the land purchased for you.
The cities, the giants, the blood, the carnage and the sorrow,
The blessing, the goodness, the bliss and the green
I’ve been there – and I want to take you back.

I am your lover.
Your past, your beliefs, your hatred of me, of Him
Doesn’t matter.
God’s strength is more than our collective weaknesses
His love more powerful than that which wounds.

I am your madman.
The world doesn’t understand me
Neither do you.
It won’t and you won’t
Stop trying.

I am your failure.
Don’t look at me and sing,
“What beauty, what perfection,”
For the same acidic rain that falls on you
Falls on me
And we have both become drunk.

I am your prophet.
He speaks through me
To you

I am your friend.
From you I have nothing to gain.
No agenda, no scheme.
I’m just here.
Here with you,
As He is with me.

I am your pastor.