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Dear God, Give Us Life.

Dear God,

We hate it when we see people who aren’t alive. You know – breathing, but not really living? People who are enduring life but not enjoying life? When I see this (and on occasion experience it myself) I can’t help but think – “Something’s WAY wrong here. There’s NO WAY life was supposed to be like this – there has to be a different way.” Have you ever thought that?

Anyway, we love reading the part of the Bible when Jesus says “I showed up so you could have life, and have it in abundance!” When you look around the world, there’s violence, death, disease, jacked up relationships, etc., but it’s into THIS world (not some fantasy religious world) that Jesus came – and it’s into THIS world that He offers the one thing I need, and we all so desperately need: life.

When we lose my jobs. When our partners leave. When the test results come back. When we can’t perform. When we’re overdrawn again and have no plan. When we feel dirty, ashamed and guilty. Washed up and meaningless. When we have no idea what our purpose is or who we are, Jesus, we need Your life. And we know that You’ll give it.

Our prayer for today – Lord God, give those of us who are suffering in the mediocrity of mere human existence – those who can’t see past the negativity that attacks us every day – those who for the darkness of today’s cloud can’t see past tomorrow – and for those of us who believe the lie that life is supposed to be like this — God give us LIFE. TRUE life! Energy! Passion! Zeal! Drive! Purpose! Life that begins here, now, and suffers from no lack of abundance! We weren’t made to get this kind of life from anywhere but You – and as long as we look elsewhere we’ll find nothing but death. Today we look to You and You alone. May we experience the words of Irenaus that “the glory of God is a human being fully alive!”  As Augustine succinctly stated 1500 years ago, we SCREAM OUT to You today, “OUR HEARTS ARE RESTLESS, TIL THEY FIND THEIR REST IN YOU!”

Bring the noise, God. Let us swim in the sounds of all the goodness You offer. You are Way and the Truth, but today we ask for Your LIFE.  Mere existence is not an option.

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