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What To Do On Your Holiday

Dear Friends,

Have you ever considered the fact that a holiday is supposed to be a “holy day?”  That’s where the word comes from – and the word “holy” means “set apart.”  Now, on Memorial Day, most people think of just hanging out at the house, having a BBQ, or maybe hiking if the weather is nice.  However, that doesn’t seem all that holy, right?  Maybe this day should be special and set apart.  We all know it’s the day we remember those service members who’ve given their lives for our nation – so why not honor them in some way – even if it’s simply a prayer to God, saying “God, thank you that there were people in my country who were willing to lay down their lives in order to protect my freedom.”  It may sound like simple act, but it’s one that’s honorable and appropriate.  Some have said that freedom has a flavor the protected will never know.  My prayer is that even though most of us may never taste death in the way our soldiers have, we might reflect on the freedom we have, use it for Godly purposes, and never take it for granted.  To whom much is given, much is required.